About Us

North Star Designs is a Custom Embroidery business that was founded by Nicole Burdick in January 2000. We are located in the southeastern corner of Connecticut. Nicole began her embroidery career at the age of 15 working for a small embroidery business in Mystic trimming and packaging orders. As the business changed hands over the next few years Nicole aided in managing the business and training new staff. After attending Springfield College and earning a Bachelors Degree in Computer Graphics, Nicole began working for a large embroidery business helping design logos and embroidering several thousand piece orders. With the knowledge gained from her many years in the embroidery business and a degree Nicole founded North Star Designs.

North Star Designs was founded as a digitizing business, creating designs for area embroidery business. In February 2001 we purchased a single head machine and began embroidering for our own customers. From there we have built our business on a reputation for quality workmanship and good customer service. With over 20 years in business these qualities are what we have come pride ourselves on.

North Star Designs specializes in small orders. There are no minimums, although we will not hesitate to work on hundred piece orders. Please contact us if you have any question with our services.

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